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The Illusion of a Perfect Life

Why did you agree to meet this young thing? She is just going to ask you questions you don’t want to answer and bring up memories you have worked hard to forget . . .

Margaret has spent a lifetime cultivating the illusion of a picture-perfect life. But that image is set to be shattered when, at the age of 91, she agrees to help a PhD student with her research on generational wounds and healing. Beginning with her brother’s untimely death, Margaret delves into the shadows of her past, unearthing painful memories she’d long buried and a dark secret she swore she would take to her grave. As Margaret finally faces up to the devastating consequences of her actions, she finds herself at a crossroads: will she choose to forgive while there’s still time, or will she continue to live a lie?

But God

Discover hope and connection with But God, a 10-week Bible study created for mothers of children with disabilities. As a mother of a child with Down Syndrome, the author understands the challenges of connecting with those who don’t understand the world of disability. That’s why she created a unique podcast/sermon-based study to delve into scripture and find solace with other moms who “get it.” With weekly content ranging from 1300 to 2800 words, each week includes a podcast or sermon to listen to, sections of scripture to reflect on, and thought-provoking questions to grapple with. Whether you’re a Christian seeking a relatable study or a woman searching for hope in the unexpected, But God offers a meaningful and transformative experience.