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Personal Pieces

  • Time

    Time. It has been on my mind recently. There are so many platitudes about it – time is short, time flies, killin’ time, time waits for no one, the days are long and the years are short. (There is even a specific time I am supposed to publish this post.) Time is personified as “Father…
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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    I have a hard time being still. I crave the time, but distractions abound. The towels need washed. The table needs wiped down. Evidence of yesterday’s dinner is still under the kids’ chairs. Last Friday, I was forced to be still for 30 minutes because my oldest wanted to be picked up in the pick-up…
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  • Different, Not Less

    To say I wrestled with the prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis would be a gross understatement. It rocked me to my core and, on a personal level, revealed the myth of religious fulfillment I had let creep into my heart. I cried, I grew angry, I lamented, I prayed for deliverance, I compared, I wrestled, I…
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  • Foam Soap

    Sweetie, it’s okay. I’ll get you more,” I reassured my little blessing, as most of the foam soap on her little hands slipped into the sink before she could wash her hands together. The fallen soap completely captivated her attention, and rather than trusting I would supply her with more soap and continuing the song,…
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  • The Danger of the word, Just

    The adverb, just, is a powerfully diminishing word. Think, “I am just a ____.” The word stretches back to the 1400s, meaning, “exactly, precisely, punctually,” and morphed to mean “merely, barely” in the 1660s. When someone listens to the wrong voice, using ‘just’ to modify his or her identity, it reverberates in the mind, and…
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  • Refinement

    Another school year has come to a close. School buses will no longer add time to morning commutes, the laughs and screams of elementary school children during recess silence, and retail stores and restaurants will be staffed with young students on summer break. For many, this time of year also includes commencement ceremonies and graduation…
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