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Monthly Archives: July 2023

  • Foam Soap

    Sweetie, it’s okay. I’ll get you more,” I reassured my little blessing, as most of the foam soap on her little hands slipped into the sink before she could wash her hands together. The fallen soap completely captivated her attention, and rather than trusting I would supply her with more soap and continuing the song,…
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  • What bumper sticker would you buy?

    You know the bumper stickers reading, People Suck? I would buy that one. I am kidding. Sort of. In all honesty, it isn’t necessarily that people suck; well, unless you are talking about my mother-in-law, and that dynamic just can’t be defined by a bumper sticker! I kid, I kid. Anyway, back to my point: it isn’t…
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  • Parenting & Legacy

    She wasn’t planned, but I am so glad we had her. My daughter flipped my life upside down, and I landed on my feet, grounded and stronger. Before she came along, I was extremely career driven. Granted, there is nothing wrong with being driven to excel in your career, but my drive would’ve taken me…
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  • Cloak of invisibility

    You know the people who act perpetually happy? Or, the individuals who purposefully plant seeds of discord? I would use a cloak of invisibility to observe them behind closed doors to see who they really are. For those who are always, “good”, is it a façade, simply a Facebook version of life? Perhaps they are…
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