What are you most thankful for?

I am thankful for my life, breath, and my health.

Several years ago, shooting pains started traveling down my legs, and my wrists would lose all strength, dropping anything – or anyone – in my hands.

The first doctor I saw told me I had an auto-immune disorder; I later learned it was likely MS. The second doctor I saw was a total quack. As I sat in his sterile patient room, I prayed the results from the second wave of tests would be conclusive. Instead of sitting with me to review the findings, the doctor literally opened the door, popped his head and said, “You are fine. Go home.” The door was closed before I could respond, let alone process his abrupt statement.

While it may not be MS, things are not “fine”. I see another neurologist next week.

Despite this challenging season, I have learned to find serenity in the chaos and to treasure each and every day. Life is a wild, wonderful journey, and I am just grateful to still be on this side of heaven.