Who has impacted your life?

My dad lived a lie for a long time.

Whether rooted in pride, shame, jealousy, etc., lies are like weeds. They are first and foremost ugly; and, if not dealt with, they grow, spread, and choke out life. For me personally, a powerfully painful lie choked and ended my mom and dad’s marriage and damaged the relationships between my dad and his kids, including me.

I don’t know the full extent of it, but it started with one lie and ultimately spiraled out of control. He hid financial struggles. He lied to himself about having things ‘under control.’ He hid a woman.

It profoundly impacted me, and while I still love him, things will always be different. You know the sentimental Father’s Day cards about love, leadership, being an example for the family? I just don’t share any of that sentiment. I just have to make Father’s Day about my husband because he is an incredible man to celebrate.