Greatest fear and hope to combat it

Honestly, I didn’t struggle with fear or anxiety before becoming a mom. Fear simply wasn’t a stronghold for me. However, it is amazing how much fear and anxiety motherhood brings. You know, the kind that keeps you awake at night or weasels into your head while driving or assaults your mind when you should be enjoying a moment. For me, two fears stand out in particular.

The first is that being a working mother will negatively affect my children. I know in my head working does not make me less of a mother, but sometimes that truth doesn’t travel the 18 or so inches to my heart. My daughter is my most precious treasure, and I want to spend time with her, provide a good, clean environment for her complete with healthy cooked meals. However, time spent at the office cuts into those hours, and therein lies the tension. Part of this ‘mommy guilt’ is rooted in how I grew up. Majority of the women in my own life were stay-at-home moms, many of whom homeschooled their children. As a result, my vision of a good mom was one who stayed at home with her kids, homeschooled her children, and always had a home-cooked meal ready for dinner.

The other fear relates to financial stability. The Lord has always provided, but still, I like to be in control, especially from a budget perspective.

To battle these anxious thoughts, I take a step back, ground myself in truth, and shut out that evil, deceptive voice. I believe God will give me the strength to do the jobs he has given me and do them well. Also, I remind myself there are hundreds of thousands – if not more – women going through the exact same thing, and they successfully raise good kids. Related to the financial concerns, I remind myself of all the times God provided for us in the past.

– A working mama