How would your life change without the internet?

The internet is a wonderful tool, and social media offers a convenient way to stay in touch with a lot of people. For a second, I think, “How could I live without it?” But, I lived without it for years!

When I was in my 20’s, I left corporate America and worked for a year on South Bass Island. If you can imagine it, I had a rarely used 12″ TV, and I used a pay phone to call home once a week. It wasn’t unusual to go a week without talking to family or close friends, and if you wanted to talk to someone on South Bass, you had to see them in person.

It was refreshing to not be in constant contact and to be disconnected from all the negative media stories. Living there was freeing; it was a happier existence.

Living without the internet today would dramatically change things. From a relational standpoint, it would force me to be more present, have more face-to-face conversations, and it would allow me to have a better read on people. I wouldn’t be in contact with as many people, but I would probably have closer, more authentic relationships. Perhaps I should challenge myself to not use the internet once a week!