Why did you move to Columbus?

At a high level, we moved to Columbus to be closer to family.

It wasn’t the original plan though. The original plan was to move closer to my family; we went as far as visiting my hometown, picking out an apartment, checking out the daycare options and schools for our kids, and considering job offers. But, our relationships started to feel distant. When we inquired, we got nowhere. Finally, I tried to have a heart-to-heart with my sister; I knew she was keeping something from me, and I actually felt more unsettled after the call than before it. After much thought, we decided it was best to wait to see how things played out because we simply didn’t feel at peace moving to that part of the country with how things were. I actually ended up receiving and turning down a job offer the next week.

Come to find out much later, a few weeds had choked out the flowers, if you will, and the ensuing drama resulted in many branding, hurtful memories. Despite our efforts, relations never mended.

Recently, I realized the hand of God was involved in a way I hadn’t seen before. You know the frequently quoted verse from Romans? “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God…” I now see how God worked those unfortunate events together for our good, and the timing of them was to redirect us to Columbus.

And here we are today, not just Buckeye fans and alumni, but Buckeye residents. Columbus is an amazing city to call home, and I thank God for working even those events together for our benefit.