Why did you move to Columbus?

You would’ve thought the move to Columbus would’ve been easy because we’ve moved more for my husband’s job than many military families. Initially, Minnesota was just another state to add to our long list of states we had lived in. However, the move to Ohio was really difficult.

You see, we had lived in Minnesota for six years – three years longer than any other location. Our house was actually our home, our daughter was enjoying school and her group of friends, and I was plugged in and leading in our church and community.

And then the moving boxes were out again.

Honestly, up until I stepped on the plane, I thought God was going to say, “Just kidding! Thanks for trusting me through this test. You don’t really have to move.”

My soul sister came to Columbus to visit me shortly after we moved, and she literally forced me to get involved. Against my will, I signed up to meet new people.

Now, I realized God was working behind the scenes for our good. Despite the tears and heartache of the difficult move, Ohio is now home. One of the most remarkable dominos of moving here was my daughter learning about the small college she now attends. We would’ve likely never heard of it unless we moved here, and she is flourishing.