Seasoned Advice

I remember when I was a new mom. It was hard, especially with the first kid. Once you have a second, or third or fourth, you look back and ask yourself, “Why did you worry so much!?” My mother-in-law imparted some words of wisdom I often reminded myself of during the child-rearing years: you have 18 years to teach them; it doesn’t have to all be done in a day. I am so thankful to have had good mother-in-law; I know many are not as lucky.

Now that I am a grandma and can look back on decades of experience, I encourage new moms to trust their intuition. It is often right, especially if the woman is grounded in Christ and welcomes His wisdom. You can read all the books in the world, but make sure to trust your gut. And, savor the time. Do what you can to spend your days with your babies. Last year, 2018, went by so quickly, didn’t it? Imagine how fast 18 years go by; they speed up with each passing year.

As for your kiddos, encourage them to keep a moral compass. For me, a moral compass is rooted in the Christian faith. Encourage them to be true to themselves and not conform to the crowd.