What bumper sticker would you buy?

You know the bumper stickers reading, People Suck? I would buy that one. I am kidding. Sort of.

In all honesty, it isn’t necessarily that people suck; well, unless you are talking about my mother-in-law, and that dynamic just can’t be defined by a bumper sticker! I kid, I kid.

Anyway, back to my point: it isn’t necessarily that people suck; instead, it is more, people under the rule of sin suck. Even if the term “sin” doesn’t fit within your vernacular, I think most people would agree with the statement, “nobody’s perfect.”

Someone reigning over his or her own life acts and speaks in a way to preserve, protect, and promote themselves. In my own experience, I have seen self-preservation and promotion most often displayed by lying, be it unequivocal or even by an exaggeration.

The first examples in the Bible about ruling over sin versus letting it rule over you are between God and Eve (Genesis 3) and God and Cain (Genesis 4). God spoke a similar message to both: sin wants to overpower you, defeat you, and make you a slave. Specifically to Cain, God told him, “… but you must master it.” Unfortunately, both let sin master them.

The same is true today. The fight against sin is daily. So my question back to you is, “Will you recognize the battle and fight to master it with the power afforded by Jesus? Or will you let it master you?”